MINOTAUR INST. 2021/SS Virtual Showroom

February, 2021

アーバンウェアをコンセプトに様々な「機能(Function)」を持つウェアを展開してきたMINOTAUR INST.とTHINK AND SENSEのコラボレーション企画 COVID-19の影響を受け、リアルでの開催が難しくなった2021年SSコレクションの発表をバーチャル上で行うショールームです

It is a virtual showroom as a collaborative work between THINK AND SENSE and MINOTAUR INST., a clothing brand handling a variety of functional clothing with a concept of “urban wear”. Its spring/summer collection 2021 has shifted to virtual style due to coronavirus (COVID-19).




“Mindfulness” and “Sustainability” have been upheld as a theme of this season. We have created a space that has a point-clouded Japanese-style garden of a Zen temple as a background, based on a graphic design concept inspired by “Mindfulness”. Then “Sustainability” has expressed by an indirect expression of airflow in the space created by changing a speed of streams or light reflection of water filled the floor.

Some elements that are possible precisely because of virtual, such as the columns made of transparent material and the floor made of water, have been incorporated into the structure of this vantage space inspired by Japanese traditional housing. This enables both realistic-looking space and unreal experiences.


Space Design



It is a single-story vantage space with a low ceiling inspired by Japanese traditional housing. A glassy ceiling and three walls give the space an open impression with no cooped-up feeling. This structure functions to give a distinction of “inside” and “outside”, like a transparent wall is between the glassy space and the point-clouded world of the background. In terms of the whole architectural structure, we pursued giving attention to what is inside. At the same time, the “Zen” visual appearance that has a deep relationship with “Mindfulness” is also expressed. An atrium-style ceiling highlights the existence of the wall, even though it is transparent. 


We created some prototypes which seem to represent “circulation” to realize another theme of “Sustainability” in this space. We incorporated some elements that represent the “circulation” indirectly, such as rotation, fractal, and stream, etc., looking for ways to realize “circulation”.



After consideration and discussion over and over, we have adopted “water” as the means of expression for the “circulation”, which has a strong relationship with the bland concept. “Sustainability” has expressed by an indirect expression of airflow in the space created by changing a speed of streams or light reflection of water filled the floor along with sound.

Experience Design




Use arrow keys on a keyboard to move around and move a mouse to look around. These are current major operation methods with a first-person perspective. Operational direct reflection to the motion through the first-person perspective gives the user a strong sense of immersion. Also, viewing the aligned looks from every angle and at every location is possible as an advantage of 3D work.  



空間は、プロダクトが備えている機能性のイメージや、機能を活かすことができる環境を表現しています。一定時間で床にある水面の動きやライトの光量を変化させており、UV GUARD機能が活かせるイメージをした晴れの日、DRY機能の吸水速乾をイメージした風の日、WATER PROOF機能が活かせる雨の日など状況を変化させていく空間全体で、機能を間接的に表現しています。

Space interaction

This space realizes an environment where the product’s functional images can be evoked. Functions of the product are indirectly expressed by changing the motion of the floor water or adjusting the light regularly, depending on the situation such as a sun-protective function for a sunny day, a quick-drying function for a windy day, and a waterproof function for a rainy day.





The look can be viewed from four angles: front, side, and back. Viewing from all the angles brings a 3D appearance to the look, though each face itself is flat. Users can view the look without uncomfortable feeling because each face slides naturally when shifting view angle, by masking a view seen from the surrounding frame of the look. 

When approaching from the front, the item’s name and the description for its function will be displayed behind the look. We pursued high definition and reality in the look and utilized the strength of virtual for a display of information such as the item name. A magnifying lens is popped up especially on a main item of the look when approaching it. The item name with an animation effect emerges next to the item intending to a futuristic impression. 




Cooperation with an EC site

Clicking the name of the item will navigate you to an EC site.



Clicking the name of the item will navigate you to an EC site. This showroom has two aspects, one is the virtual showroom that gives enjoyment of experiencing its concept and the world view, and the other is a shopping site. Users can also enjoy shopping through the implemented EC site.  

We hope that we create a virtual world in the future in which users can complete all the purchasing processes without jumping to the EC site, from looking around the products to payment. 



Concept and Experience Design: Shuhei Matsuyama

Space and Graphic design :Kana Niijima

Space Interaction programming :Masahito Ando