Stillness ALTERNATIVE KYOTO -もうひとつの京都- 2022

October, 2022

京都府域展開アートプロジェクト「ALTERNATIVE KYOTO‐もうひとつの京都‐」に「Stillness」を出展致しました。 We exhibited "Stillness" at the "ALTERNATIVE KYOTO " art festival currently held in Kyoto.

MUTEK.JP/ETERNALArt Spaceの企画協力のもと、天橋公園内 小天橋広場に設置された、500インチを超える特別スクリーンにて上映。映像と音楽に包まれた空間で本格的な芸術に没入できる新しいデジタルアート体験を提供します。



Three digital artworks by prominent Japanese artists will be screened on a special 500inch screen in cooperation with MUTEK.JP / ETERNALArt Space. The event will offer a new digital art experience where visitors can immerse themselves in authentic art in a space surrounded by images and sound.

This is our first outdoor exhibit, and it is worth a visit to watch this in an environment surrounded by relaxing sounds of sea and insects chirping.


Concept / Visual Creation: Shuhei Matsuyama (THINK AND SENSE) Point Cloud System Design:Takamitsu Masumi (THINK AND SENSE) Sound Design: Intercity-Express (Tetsuji Ohno) Point Cloud Engineering: Naoya Takebe (THINK AND SENSE) Communicator Yonsan Kim (THINK AND SENSE)